How to take penalties on FIFA 17. FIFA 17 Penalty Tutorial!
#FIFA17CaptureEvent How to score penalties on FIFA 17!
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This video was recorded at the FIFA 17 capture event. I was invited by EA Sports, who gave me early access to FIFA 17 and covered the cost of my meals throughout the day. The ratings of the players, transfers, and pack weights are not final. I hope you guys enjoy.

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I record with the Elgato Game Capture HD60! It’s such a quality device! If you’d like one, here’s their website!


I also upload 4 times per week over on the FUTWIZ YouTube Channel!


Today I show you how to take penalties on FIFA 17. The new fifa 17 penalty style means that you’re going to need to learn how to take fifa 17 penalties! I’ll help you!

FIFA 17 how to take penalties
FIFA 17 penalties tutorial
How to take penalties on FIFA 17

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