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FIFA 18 World Cup 2018 Simulation
Game 41: Group F – South Korea Vs Germany

Ever since the 1998 World Cup in France, I’ve had a tradition of playing out my own version of each World Cup in FIFA, pitting the AI against itself to see how it would pan out. While it does throw out the odd weird result from time to time, it can be very interesting to see how close or far away from the real life results the game can get.

Here are the starting conditions:

– Start with the real world teams and groups.
– Allow the game to dictate starting line-ups.
– The difficulty is set at Legendary for each game.
– Use standard 6 minute halves.
– Play to out with all first time results, no resets.
– Play each game out in game – no match sim used.

While I usually just do this for my own interest, I decided this year that I might as well record the games and put them up here for posterity. I’m going to play each game off the night before the real world fixture, and hopefully post them around the kickoff time for each actual game.


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